Bonita Springs Elder Lawyers Develop Effective Strategies 

There are several areas, fields, and specialties of legal practice. Elder Law is a particular specialty focused on planning for the care and protection of the elderly. It is a branching term used to cover several subsets of legal practice: the creation of a will, estate planning, the legal management of benefits & annuities (as well as their appropriate protections), and more.

While many traditionally view these matters as simple  preparation for the future for the benefit of their loved ones, it is a rapidly growing field of practice because it can provide necessary protections for one’s own care as one advances in age. In brief: it is more than a matter of simply preparing for the end, but also preparing for the care that may be required in advance of that.

While the terminology of ‘Elder Law’ may sounding daunting, in practice it amounts to Lyons & Lyons acting to advise, assist, and counsel our clients. The focus of Elder Law is on the client’s needs as they change and evolve with age. Thus, the legal services involved can come in a variety of forms: predicting and preparing  for long-term care, assisting in the creation and appointment of a fiduciary or Power of Attorney, advising of potential public or private resources to assist in covering projected costs, and protecting & preserving the interests and care of our clients.

The immediate question that springs to mind for many, though, would be what planning they would require apart from a standard will. Well – increasing numbers of Americans are requiring additional care to perform the activities of daily living. In fact, per a recent document release from the AARP in March of 2017, an estimated “60% (7 million) of adults needing help with everyday activities were 65 or older.”

The reality is that estate planning and preparation for long-term care are growing necessities for Americans, and Lyons & Lyons stands ready to serve our clients by getting them ready for their golden years. If you are in need of assistance or help, we are ready to guide you through the process. With experienced and caring attorneys and staff, we have put together a nationally recognized system and one that makes a tremendous difference in people’s lives. To learn more and to see if our Elder Law services are right for you, set an initial consultation.