Diligent Bonita Springs Probate Lawyers Enforce Decedents’ Wishes

Skillful Florida attorneys handle estate and trust administration tasks

At Lyons & Lyons, P.A., our knowledgeable Southwest Florida attorneys handle all aspects of probate and trust administration. This includes estates where the decedent was domiciled within Florida as well as ancillary probate matters involving residents of other states who own property here. From offices in Bonita Springs, Naples and North Port, we assist estate representatives, trustees and beneficiaries with standard administration tasks as well complications and disputes that arise. Throughout Lee, Collier and Sarasota counties, our firm works to make sure that the terms of a will or trust are honored promptly and completely.

Thorough firm guides clients through each step of the probate process

From start to finish, our accomplished probate lawyers work to achieve a fair and expeditious distribution of a decedent’s property. This includes handling particular aspects of the process including:

  • Obtaining the death certificate and filing the will — The person named as executor in the will obtains the death certificate, files the will with the court, petitions to be named as personal representative for the estate and notifies creditors and potential beneficiaries.
  • Choosing formal or summary administration — Estates valued at $75,000 or less (not counting the value of qualifying homestead property) might be eligible for summary administration. This simplified probate process does not require the appointment of a personal representative and usually takes between three to six months. If the amount of the assets exceeds the summary administration limit, or the will specifically directs formal administration, the longer process is used.
  • Letters of administration — Letters of administration authorize the appointed personal representative to work on behalf of the estate. For example, real estate owned by the decedent needs to transferred. With extensive experience in property transactions, we can prepare notarized deeds reflecting the change and submit the necessary materials to the relevant county clerk of court.
  • Managing estate property and expenses — After someone dies, financial obligations remain. Our firm creates a thorough inventory of estate assets and debts, coordinates valuation of particular items and makes sure that personal representatives are aware of taxes and other necessary expenses. When appropriate, we rely on a network of professionals to assist with executor duties and solicit expert opinions regarding unique assets such as antiques, rare books, automobiles and other collectibles.
  • Handling disputes — Disagreements over the authenticity of a will or how its directions are being carried out can lead to additional time and expense. As soon as a potential conflict is identified, our lawyers assess the merits of the claim and press to have it resolved quickly and appropriately.
  • Distributing assets and closing the estate — Once all property is accounted for in the estate, we present a distribution plan for the court’s approval and shift ownership of each asset as called for in the will. From there, we submit the receipts and petition the court to close the estate. 

Given our firm’s background and familiarity with estate planning, taxation and other relevant areas of law, we provide comprehensive guidance in all types of probate-related matters.

Dedicated counselors assist with trust administration duties

Serving as a trustee is a legal duty that requires diligent attention to the instructions issued by the trust’s grantor. Allegations involving ambiguous terms, undue influence, breaches of the trustee’s fiduciary duty and other potential problems can threaten trust assets and frustrate the grantor’s intentions. Whether you’re a trustee who requires reliable advice on how to handle key tasks or are creating a trust and want to know that someone capable will be carrying out your directions, our firm can help.  

Contact an efficient Southwest Florida probate lawyer to discuss your estate matter  

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