Bonita Springs Trusts and Estates Attorneys Provide Sound Guidance

Southwest Florida lawyers help clients preserve and transfer assets

Situations that require the assistance of a qualified trusts and estates attorney aren’t just personal concerns; they are important legal matters that can affect the people you care most about. In Lee, Collier and Sarasota counties, the lawyers of Lyons & Lyons, P.A. are recognized as professionals who handle estate planning, probate and tax issues with the highest degree of skill and professionalism. With offices in Bonita Springs, Naples and North Port, we make it easy for Southwest Florida clients to get the insight and legal support they need to preserve the assets they’ve accumulated and allocate them according to their wishes.

Insightful advisers establish personalized estate plans

Using a knowledgeable estate planning attorney gives you the best chance to safeguard what you’ve earned through a lifetime and dispose of that property as you see fit. We devise comprehensive, personalized strategies for clients that can include legal instruments such as:

  • Trusts — When we go over your specific goals, our lawyers advise how revocable or irrevocable trusts might achieve objectives such as avoiding probate, reducing tax liability or determining how your assets should be utilized.
  • Wills — Florida wills must be signed in the presence of two witnesses who also sign the document. However, strong legal guidance might be necessary to make sure that your intentions are reflected accurately and can be executed efficiently.
  • Guardianship documents — If you have legal responsibility for a minor child or grandchild, our firm will help you set forth clear instructions regarding their guardianship.

For high-value estates and relatively straightforward matters, our advice and costs are always suited to the particular circumstances.

Experienced firm handles a full range of probate-related tasks

For both formal and summary administration matters, our probate attorneys advise estate representatives and other interested parties regarding the steps needed to enforce the terms of a will. Smaller estates might be able to be wrapped up in a few months, but even if your situation involves disputes and lasts more than a year, our firm works diligently to cut out unnecessary expense while resolving conflicts promptly and favorably.  

Lawyers assist with estate taxes for Lee, Collier and Sarasota County clients

Florida does not have an estate tax, and the federal threshold for when estate taxes must be paid now exceeds $11.5 million. If you believe that you might be close to the exemption figure, it’s important to obtain knowledgeable counsel regarding the value of your potential estate, because undervaluing or overlooking a particular asset could prove to be very costly for your heirs. We advise clients on methods to reduce or avoid taxes such as the use of trusts, joint accounts and life insurance to limit the size of one’s estate. If you also reside in another state and are not sure if that jurisdiction’s estate tax rules apply, our firm will detail the relevant standards and identify potential ways to reduce your liability.

Skilled lawyers create living wills to govern end-of-life decisions

Despite its name, a living will does not have anything to do with distributing someone’s property. Rather, it gives someone the chance to state clear, legally enforceable directions about what types of life-prolonging procedures, if any, should be used if the living will creator is incapacitated and has no chance of recovery. Our firm discusses these sensitive issues in a comfortable, professional manner and prepares authoritative documents to address these matters as well as other instances where you might wish to designate a healthcare surrogate to handle your medical treatment choices.

Contact an accomplished Florida trusts and estates attorney for a consultation  

Lyons & Lyons, P.A. provides comprehensive counsel on trusts and estates matters to people in Southwest Florida. If you wish to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced lawyers at our Bonita Springs, Naples or North Port office, please call 239-948-1823 or contact us online